Chemical & Petrochemical

Improve production rates and safety compliance at your chemical or petrochemical plant with an EPI Engineering optimization service.

We are the industry leaders in pipeline network design, analysis, and optimization for the chemical and petrochemical industries. Since we are the sister company of EPCON Software, developer of industry leading engineering software products including Engineer’s Aide SiNET which includes the DIPPR database, we have an extra level of expertise when it comes to fluid flow that other engineering firms cannot match. Our senior engineers have not only worked in the industry for over 30 years, but they are also the technical experts responsible for the development of engineering technology like Engineer’s Aide SiNET, the most widely used fluid flow simulation software in the world. It’s easy to see why EPI leads the way in fluid flow optimization.

Systems including cooling water, steam, condensate, boiler feed water, process water, and compressed air systems are all potential candidates for the identification and utilization of potentially large energy savings. Many of these systems can also directly impact production in a positive or negative way at your plant. These facts indicate why every pipeline network at your facility plays a critical role in the operational success of your plant and deserves the same care and attention as your process systems because they are heavily dependent on the hydraulic performance of your pipeline networks.

We also provide an array of other specialized services for the chemical and petrochemical industries including flare system analysis, pressure relief valve (PRV) analysis, and fire water system analysis and optimization. Through an exclusive licensing agreement with our sister company EPCON Software, we have at our disposal some of the most advanced software technology for flare and PRV analysis, which is not available to the public. This technology was developed over many years by EPCON along with one of the largest engineering firms and oil companies in the world. With this software, which has been rigorously tested and implemented by these two confidential companies, we have the ability to perform large-scale projects for the analysis of flare and PRV systems in half the time with results and reports that are second to none. We also provide a complimentary three-year license of this private technology so you will have all the data, tools, and know-how that you need to maintain the new, optimized performance levels of your system(s).

We know that engineers in the chemical and petrochemical industries are very busy with operations and might not have the time to use our methods and technologies to keep their systems up to date after the completion of our service(s). This is why we also offer an array of engineering maintenance programs at a fraction of the cost of the actual service we perform, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the experts are consistently monitoring and analyzing your systems to ensure world-class performance.

If you are interested in learning how EPI Engineering can potentially improve production levels and safety at your plant while reducing energy consumption, please schedule an onsite or online meeting with us today by calling 1-800-551-3793 or by emailing us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

In the meantime, download one of our brochures for a more in-depth look into how you could benefit from the engineering services and maintenance programs we provide.

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